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Fall 2017

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COMING SOON: Replacing valves without open-heart surgery

A game changer in cardiac care, TAVR will soon be offered at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, the first hospital in Monterey County to make it available.

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Collaborating to combat diabetes

More than half of the adults in Monterey County have prediabetes or diabetes, a figure so alarming that a unique coalition, Monterey-Salinas Healthcare Collaborative’s Diabetes Initiative, was formed to attack the problem from a united front.

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5-2-1-0: A countdown to better health for kids

With obesity affecting 1 in 6 children and adolescents in the United States, the Monterey-Salinas Healthcare Collaborative’s Diabetes Initiative committed to early intervention through a pediatric-wellness coaching program.

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Successful weight-loss surgery requires commitment and support

"It’s the first time I feel confident I will never have to worry about my weight again. I know what to do, and I have the resources to help me do it." - Janeen Tuitupou, patient

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Setting sights on cancer with precision medicine

Not so long ago, being diagnosed with certain types of cancer meant a long and difficult treatment with an uncertain outcome. Now, advances in genetic testing and targeted therapies are making some cancer treatments more effective.

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Project DNA: A case for genetic testing for cancer

Dr. Daniel Luba has specialized in the digestive tract for three decades. But his passion in recent years has taken him into genetics and cancer, specifically encouraging people to use one to stop the other. Four years ago, the Monterey gastroenterologist started Project DNA, a nonprofit organization to educate the public and doctors about screening for inherited cancers.

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Shaking the family tree for cancer

After a small nodule on her lung turned out to be cancer, Sally Dodge began to worry about her family tree.

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Prescribing more safely: Targeting opioid abuse, misuse

Dr. Reb Close, Dr. Casey Grover, and their colleagues in the Emergency department at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula were seeing an alarming increase in patients returning again and again for pain medications or, worse, arriving after an overdose.

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Finding care half-a-world away

The staff of the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit (IRU) at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula is well-educated, expertly trained, and battle-tested. But saying goodbye to patient Wenxu Chao caught everybody a bit unprepared.

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Video interpreter bridges gap, increases safety

The staff at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula saved her life, but Wenxu awoke in confusion, surrounded by doctors, nurses, and other clinicians who didn’t speak her language, a rare Mandarin dialect.

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Gifts from our community

Philanthropic contributions are crucial to our health.

They help pay for patients who can’t pay for their own care, for new technology to diagnose diseases earlier and treat them more effectively, and for state-of-the-art facilities, designed specifically to promote healing. Who gives? Patients pleased with their care. Neighbors who want to invest in the community’s well-being. Staff members who believe in Montage Health’s mission. Thank you to our donors.

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